General Questions♣

Do you have reviews or feedback?
o We are a brand new store, therefore we do not have feedback or reviews. BUT! We have a feedback page for the Live Journal EGL community:
Feedback page on EGL

Is your site secure?
o Yes, your information will be kept confidential.

Media request?
o Please send all requests to

Details of the clothes and merchandise in the store

Why are some things in your store more pricey than others?
o We have a lot of alternative brand clothing and brand accessories. Please keep in mind that originally these brands will charge anywhere from $250~$400 a coordinate. We try to mark down anything we can, but some items are harder to get our hands on than others.

Why are your Japanese brand clothes so much cheaper in comparison to any other store in the US?
o Because they are mostly lightly used brand clothes. One person’s forgotten outfit is potentially another person’s treasure.

If the majority of your clothes are “lightly used” is there a risk that it will be damaged?
o If it is damaged in anyway, it will be tagged as “DAMAGED” or “STAINED.” All damages and stains will be measured, photographed, on the website, and of course, marked down accordingly.

Do you sell anything brand new?
o Yes. We sell a lot of brand new products. The new items will all either still have the tag on them (which will be photographed and on the page), or be tagged as “NEW.”

Do you have non-alternative clothes? Like normal shirts?
o Yes, and if we don’t right now, we will soon! Everything will be separated.

Men’s clothes?
o Yes, or we will. We try to dig out the very limited men’s alternative clothes there are. Please keep in mind that men’s items are limited to very specific brands, which also tend to fall on the more expensive end.

Larger sizes? Plus/lovely sizes?
o We try to accommodate to every size, so many of our dresses and skirts have shirring or adjustable bands. But alas, Japanese clothes are often “one size fits all,” which of course, do not fit all.

“I saw something I wanted 10 minutes ago, but it’s already sold out. Will you stock more?”
o If certain items sell very well, we will try our best to restock them, but for the most part probably not. We only buy a hand full of each item due to the fact we have just started and want to offer our customers more of a variety rather than quantity of one item.

What do/will you carry?
o Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
o Angelic Pretty
o Putumayo
o Sexpot Revenge
o Black Peace Now
o H. Naoto
o Algonquin
o ChocoMint
o Swimmer
o Off brand merchandise
o Handmade accessories and clothes by individual artists.
o Live merchandise from V-kei shows

Shipping Details

Shipping Method?
o We will ship all package via United States Postal Service

Shipping and handling costs?
o All shipping and handling costs are all based on the weight of your package.

How fast will I receive my package?
o We will ship all packages within 1~3 business days, and shipping time will depend on the shipping method you decide.

I need it fast! Is expedite shipping possible?
o Yes! If you need us to ship the package A.S.A.P. with next day shipping, please contact us in advance. We will ship your package within 24 hours (Monday~Friday), however, extra handling fee will be applied.
* Please understand that once it is in the USPS’s hands, they may take a day or so to ship the package from their office. This is out of our control and we cannot be held responsible.*

International Shipping?
o Yes, we do ship internationally via USPS.