Sakuracon 2011

Happy post Sakuracon everyone! I hope everyone is recovering a lot better then we are! You never think about how bad the time zone change will be until you work from the time you get off a plane until you get back on, AND IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! (~.~)

Here is a quick recap

Me (Left) and our helper Dan (Right) after getting off of our plane and doing a couple hours of set up.

A couple of booth shoots after the Saturday reorganize.

During some of our down time we caught the AWESOME Exist Trace Concert!

Mari wearing our adorable Pikachu poncho. (Which we still have a few more remaining!)

So I think this concludes my first blog post, sorry if it was a little cheesy (My LJ doesn’t exactly get much use either lol). I did just fix the commenting system so feel free to leave a comment. To keep this interesting I’ll try to think of a poll for each post.

Poll Question: Favorite Brand! (Start with one everyone can comment on)

Mine is Alice and the Pirates and BPN <3

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